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I want to welcome you to my website, where ahead you will find a fascinating journey into my world in the world of web design.

About Me

My name is Vlad Musienko, I'm a web designer. I love to draw, and everything to do with design. About 5 years I have been designing sites of varying complexity, the main lines of this corporate websites, portfolio, wordpress templates and online stores. My portfolio you can look at websites such as the dribbble and behance. Have extensive experience both in Ukraine, CIS countries and foreign market.

In my portfolio you can find work people use around the world, Japan, Thailand, London, France, Turkey, Kiev, Moscow, etc. I love the simplicity in the design of web sites. As I see it, people, it's like my job. Of course don't want to rest on our laurels and will continue further studies to improve their skills, creating new interesting creative projects.

What I Do

My greatest strengths which I dedicate most of the time, which exalt and whom garius.


Lately, I often create templates for WordPress. You can use for personal purposes or to sell on sites such as themeforest.


Creating a brand is a very complex process aimed at the creation and positioning the unique persons of the company, its products and services.


Everyone is able to destroy the dream, but not everyone is able to create it. I try to help people in its definition as a person and specialist.

My Work

I present to you some of my recent work, more works can be found in my profile on behanсe


These principles continue to define bold artistic searches of the founders of the capital group.


Ukrainian online store of mobile technology to suit every taste and pocke.


The site for the guys who sell the plumbing and bathroom furniture.


The imposition was performed under the new technology with applications adaptive to the website look great on different devices.


In my life there is a place for photos. I love to share experiences and beautiful moments of your life with others.

Say Hello

If you are interested in my services and would like additional information, feel free to email me.